The Gephi Consortium

Leading Gephi development

Visual Identity Guidelines

Our logo is the tangible representation of our brand and if we use it incorrectly, that same brand becomes diluted and we run the risk of creating confusion in the minds of those to whom we should be providing a consistent and clearly understandable service. With this in mind, we must all become protective of our logo and the way in which it is used.

Remember: The entire logo is designed to work as a whole on all primary communications, however the individual elements can be used as design elements supporting the full logo e.g. watermark (tint) of just the icon.

The Gephi Consortium logo

The Gephi Consortium logo/wordmark is to be displayed in its entirety on either a solid light or dark background (avoid mid-tone or strongly colored backgrounds). The logo should not be displayed in parts, with color variations, or with other elements superimposed on top of the logo.

The should not be displayed on screen with the logo portion at a size any smaller than 24px tall. The logo should not be displayed in print with the logo portion at a size any smaller than 3/8" tall.

Gephi Consortium Logo/Wordmark Gephi Consortium Logo/Wordmark on black
Gephi Consortium Logo/Wordmark in greyscale Gephi Consortium Logo/Wordmark in black-and-white

Gephi Consortium logo on white, on black, in grey-scale, and in black-and-white

The “Gephi Consortium” text should be rendered in the DejaVu-Sans font in the appropriate size in relation to the logo as indicated in the figures above. The text must be rendered in solid black when display on a light background, and solid white when displayed on a dark background (avoid mid-tone backgrounds).

Common Mistakes

The Gephi Consortium logo/wordmark should not be displayed in modified or displayed in ways that visually compromise the logo. The following figures highlight some common mistakes to avoid when displaying the logo and wordmark.

Gephi Consortium Logo/Wordmark Bad Examples

Common Logo/Wordmark Mistakes (clockwise from top-left):
incorrect capitalization, incorrect font, incorrect font size and orientation, incorrect font color, shadow added, non-standard orientation of logo to text

Gephi Consortium Logo/Wordmark Bad Example Gephi Consortium Logo/Wordmark Bad Example Gephi Consortium Logo/Wordmark Bad Example

Common Wordmark Mistakes (left-to-right):
strongly colored background, strong patterned background, incorrect colors

The Gephi software logo

These logotypes refer to the Gephi Desktop and Gephi Toolkit only. is the official Web host for these projects.

Gephi Software Logo/Wordmark Logo/Wordmark
Gephi Software Logo only Gephi Software Logo only on black

Gephi Software and logotypes


If you plan to print your work, we would appreciate that you place our logo. Please contact us to get the scalable SVG file.

Badge Kit

If you uses Gephi software, display one of these badges to let people know!

Trademark and usage policy: Gephi™ is a trademark of Gephi NGO (“Association Gephi”). You are encouraged to use these images to refer to your use of the Gephi software. Gephi NGO may revoke your permission to use these images if you make modifications to the images or use them incorrectly (e.g., on a project that does not use Gephi software).

120px wide

160px wide

200px wide

250px wide

How to Display a Badge

Insert HTML like the following into the page where you want to display the badge. The default width of 160px is good for most contexts, but you can choose another pixel width from the list above.
<a href="" style="border: none;"><img src="" alt="Gephi" style="border: none;"/></a>

Elements of Style

Wondering how to accessorize the Gephi logo for that perfect presentation? Read on for details…

Color Palette

Shown here for your reference are the Gephi Consortium and Gephi wordmark color designations. Be sure to note that the colors displayed here are for guidance only and should not be used for matching purposes. To match each color accurately, please follow the specific color number combinations shown below.

RGB: 9, 104, 156
Hex: 09689C
CMYK: 92, 57, 17, 2

RGB: 0, 0, 0
Hex: 000000
CMYK: 0, 0, 0, 0

Minimum Clear Space

Both the logo and the wordmark need room to breathe, so to speak, so please follow the minimum clear space guidelines shown below. This helps prevent dilution of the brand or confusion against background “noise”.

It’s also important to note that, to avoid the appearance of unsanctioned partnerships or co-branding, the logo should not be paired with or placed near logos or other corporate entities without Gephi Consortium’s prior approval.

Miminum Clear Space

The minimum clear space, or “safe zone” is equal to “x” (1/8 the height of the Gephi logo).

Text & Typography

The official Mozilla Firefox typeface is from the DejaVu-Sans font. DejaVu-Sans is available on SourceForge.

Also, if you type “Gephi” in a sentence it can take on the size, font and coloring of the text around it. But if it’s used as an official wordmark then it must abide by all the requirements detailed in this style guide.