The Gephi Consortium

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Check out our annual report for 2011 in PDF here .

Gephi Tech

The Gephi Consortium produces the Gephi code base and acts as an incubator for innovative ideas on exploratory network analysis. Originally started as the home of the Gephi Desktop, today the Gephi Consortium extends its activities to related projects of the technical ecosystem, including:

Gephi Desktop

The open graph visualization software used to explore and understand networks.

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Gephi Toolkit

Command-line version of Gephi Desktop, the Toolkit is deployable on servers to an industrial grade.

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GEXF File Format

Gephi XML language for describing complex networks structures, their associated data and dynamics. The specifications are edited by the GEXF Working Group.

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GEXF I/O libraries

LibGEXF is the official C++ library for the GEXF format. Many other libraries are developed by the community, like: gexf4j (Java), gexf-js (Javascript), pygexf (Python), graph-gexf (Perl), rgexf (R).

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An open-source lightweight JavaScript library to draw graphs exported from Gephi in GEXF. Created by Alexis Jacomy.

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A network visualization library designed for rendering (massive) graphs in web browsers and puts dynamic graph exploration on the web another step forward.

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Gephi Research

Lead by a team of researchers and engineers, we contribute to the research in network exploration.

The Force Atlas layouts developed in collaboration with Sciences-Po Médialab are created to help the user making sense of a tangled web of data. We also started open collaborations with researchers in various projects like the FMSH e-Diaspora Atlas and the Stanford Mapping the Republic of Letters. We are finally willing to act as research partners or subcontractors for research teams who require an engineering expertise on Gephi technologies. Please contact us for more information.

Gephi Beer

We help the people to discover and get involved about Gephi. We regularly go to conferences, and help our members to organize events such as meetups and tutorials in their city.

How To Get In?

We are open to all kinds of organizations and corporations, academia, large and small, for-profit and not-for-profit, and individual members.

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Duke Award 2010

The Gephi Consortium would like to gratefully thank Oracle for acknowledging the success of Gephi.