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Contributor License Agreements

Most forms of contribution aside from providing support to other users requires that you sign and submit a Contributors License Agreement (or "CLA" for short) with the Gephi Consortium. There are two versions of the agreement:

  1. The Individual CLA: use this version if you're working on a Gephi Consortium project in your spare time, or can clearly claim ownership of copyright in what you'll be submitting. The Gephi Consortium also prefers that all Committers have an Individual CLA on file, even if they are covered under the terms of the Corporate CLA.
  2. The Corporate CLA: have your corporate lawyer review and submit this if your company is going to be contributing to Consortium projects.

In summary, the CLA asserts that when you donate fixes or documentation, you both own the code that you're submitting and that the Gephi Consortium can in turn license that code to other people. This is a license agreement only; it does not transfer copyright ownership and does not change your rights to use your own Contributions for any other purpose. You can submit a valid CLA by:

  • snail-mail, to the address on the form
  • email, with a scan or digital photograph of the signed document, to:

Sending in a CLA is a one-time thing, and once it's done, you're in the clear to start contributing to all Gephi Consortium projects! To be effective, though, you need to know a little bit about how contributors and Committers coordinate their work, so getting involved and asking questions should be your first step.

For more on CLAs, please read this.